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Mature dating for the modern world

Mature dating for the modern world

Dating for older singles has not always been as straightforward as popping into the nearest bar or club, so it’s difficult to know where to start when looking for a partner when you're older. Many feel dating should be easier and more personal, but there are not many ways to experience this in the UK for the more mature fanciers out there.

Age-managed Speed Dating events (which allow you to have lots of mini dates in one evening) give you the chance to meet lots of new people in one night, but it’s not for everyone – especially the more self-conscious amongst us!What happened last time you went to a pub or bar? Did anyone offer to buy you a drink? Maybe you accepted, or politely declined, but either way, it felt good, didn’t it? Nice to know that you had caught someone’s eye!

What’s the problem?

But, what if, every time you go out and someone offers to buy you a drink, you look over to see their young mates pointing and sniggering at you? And even if you can’t see them, you assume they’re there, in some dark corner laughing. Where is your experienced soulmate when you need him?

As a single older male, what if you’re fed up with the testosterone that flies around every city centre bar most evenings? Or as a more experienced woman, every time you went for a dance, total strangers felt it acceptable to bump and grind against you, poke your stomach, and grab your breasts? You’d probably start staying in. 

The solution is out there!

However, there are now a few dating websites in the UK that are dedicated to older, more experienced singles relationships - and online dating can be just as much a fun and personal experience as pubs, bars or speed dating, but without the downsides.

After all, matching experienced older singles is what it’s all about. If you find the right website, it’s a fantastic way to meet new people and socialise while increasing your chances of finding a potential partner.

How best to choose a site though? Fair enough, you could simply type some search terms and sit back and see what appears, but easily the best way to find a good specialist over 50s website is by recommendation. Yep, good old word of mouth!

Nil by mouth?

And by word of mouth, that includes online forums as well. On one such forum, we found 52 year old Olga Hart. It was only when she started meeting other like-minded women through fashion blogs that Olga started to gain enough confidence to join over 50s dating site Click Matures “I met all these amazing classy older women who run blogs, are stylists and fashion designers. These women who told me I could look good, be inspirational and aspirational at any age and still attract the mature men I tend to get along with.”

Olga actually found Click Matures quite by accident; “I Googled my name out of morbid interest to see what came up and hilariously Click Matures was in the results,” she explained. Being flirty and curious, Olga took a look at the site and found a great community spirit.

She subsequently joined up because she was sick of the treatment she got in pubs and bars. “All my friends are older too – when we go out to younger themed pubs, guys just have no idea,” she explains. “A lot of younger men like older women, but they’re not for me – I want a well-seasoned experienced man, not a boy.”

 Olga also mentions the other advantage of sites like Click Matures: “It’s a good way to meet proper men who like classy women the same age. They won’t approach us in a pub, but here they can feel free to be as bold as they want!”

What better reason to take the online dating plunge with Click Matures?





Posted by ClickMatures on 8 December 2014 | Comments

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